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To Automate Compensation Planning 

Why Automate

As more companies than ever look to variable pay strategies as a creative and cost- effective solution for stabilizing retention and boosting employee engagement, the additional work required to administer variable pay programs has become much too cumbersome and risky to manage on a manual basis. Therefore, more organizations are realizing that compensation planning must be a technology enabled process. In our free White Paper you will learn how to...

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"I had been looking for a product for years that could move our excel-based comp sheets online and my prayers were answered! CompXL has met all of our needs and quite frankly might be the most-exciting single product I use as an HR professional."

 Carrie Barth
HR Director, Hargray

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While variable pay programs might require additional effort, time and resources to administer, successful ones will pay for themselves.

SHRM - Focus on Variable Pay During Merit Freezes

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