Cloud software for compensation management including salary planning, bonus allocation, long term incentives, and total reward statements.

 "I never thought it was possible, but HCR has saved us from our salary planning spreadsheet nightmare" 

Work/Life Balance Matters...

Yes, even for comp professionals

If You Can Do It In Excel

    You Can Do It In CompensationXL    

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"We actually have managers eager to use CompXL each review cycle. Prior to CompXL the annual review process was a tedious paper pushing exercise." 

Mark Adrian, Lead HRIS Analyst Institute for Defense Analyses

Administer, automate, and streamline your compensation planning process

Focal Planning

Merit Pay

Align rewards with individual and organizational performance


Manage all your plans in one place including bonus and equity

Total Rewards

Adjustment letters and/or total reward statements are just a click away

Compensation Planning Software Made Easy

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